Unite Here/MPS study

finds entire home

rentals - not rooms -

drive Airbnb in San Diego


A Unite Here/MPS study released in February 2016 shows 84% of Airbnb

value in San Diego is due to entire home rentals.


Only 16% of Airbnb's value in San Diego is from home sharing (room rentals).


So, all those Airbnb ads about students making ends meet by renting rooms are deceptively trying to paint a false picture of what Airbnb is really doing to local neighborhoods.


The real picture of Airbnb in San Diego - according to the Unite Here/MPS study - is closer to the statement in the Union-Tribune by hotelier Bill Evans. "Nationally, we're seeing more and more (Airbnb) people with 40,50 or more properties," he said (May 7, 2016).


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