National study finds entire home rentals

driving Airbnb business

In San Diego, 84% of Airbnb value

comes from entire home rentals, not room sharing

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How Airbnb short-term rentals exacerbate

Los Angeles’ affordable housing crisis:

Harvard study finds Airbnb rentals are direct competition for long-term renters

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STVR numbers in San Diego

higher than early estimates

The number of homes, condos and apartments used for short-term vacation rentals in San Diego from November 2014 through October 2015 was more than two times higher than previous estimates, according to a study by citizens’ group Save San Diego Neighborhoods (SSDN).

Study: Airbnb data release

sought to mislead in New York

On December 1 2015, Airbnb made data available about its business in New York City, with much fanfare. This report shows that the Airbnb data release misled the media and the public, attempting to portray the company as something it is not.


Study: Year-round rentals

big chunk of Airbnb revenue

A Penn State study focused on 12 of the nation's largest metropolitan areas -- including Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. It found that 30% of Airbnb's revenue comes from properties that are offered at least 360 days of the year.


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