Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Los Angeles join list of cities moving on STVR

From Berlin to California, cities are under increasing pressure to regulate short-term vacation rentals and protect innocent neighbors - who bought homes thinking they were going to be living in a residential community. Here's an excerpt from a story about Laguna Beach:


More than half of the legally permitted vacation rentals in Laguna Beach are owned by people who don’t live here, according to a city planning report.


Of the 36 properties officially allowed to rent to visitors or vacationers for less than 30 days, 58 percent have out-of-town landlords, says a report compiled in March for the Planning Commission by Ann Larson, assistant director of community development.


Four of those are owned by corporations, she said.


“They call it home-sharing, but in fact they’re not really sharing a home,” Larson said. “That’s not what’s happening. Entire homes are being rented and the owners don’t even live in town.”


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